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October 31, 2008

Final MoFo….and Happy Halloween (otherwise known as 3 ways with pumpkin!!)

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So it’s the last day of MoFo and I failed miserably to hit the twenty…mainly due to sheer laziness on my part, but I did manage six (woot!).

Anyway, it’s Halloween so today has mostly been about carving pumpkins and getting the chidlers ready.  However I did end up with a lot of pumpkin flesh from doing the Jack O Lanterns.  Due to the nature of scooping it wasn’t really suitable for a dish that required pumpkin chunks, so I ended up with a big ol’ bowl of pumpkin puree.  I know I could have made Pumpkin Ziti but meh, how much fun would that have been?! Instead I made cupcakes, cookies and muffins!!

First the Pumpkin Cupcakes (sans Choc Chips cos I forgot!) from VCTOTW.  First time making these but they’re beautiful, the flavours are so subtle and the texture is so light…it won’t be the last time I make them.

Pumpkin Oatmeal Cookies from the PPK recipe database…now these I added chocolate chips to (I was determined to use chocolate somewhere!!), these were very popular whilst still warm, and soft, oh my goodness are these soft? (Yes, they are).

and last (but by no means least)

the much tried and tested Pumpkin Muffins from VWAV. Not sure what I did this time but I ended up with smooth muffins when normally they crack and look a bit more rustic!!??

Don’t Panic, we won’t be eating all of these ourselves, theirs an Autmn Fayre tomorrow so some of each will be winging their way there.

Now onto the other things that occupied today…

Happy Halloween 2008!!!:-D


October 5, 2008

Two Cakes

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I love pumpkin…or as is most often the case Butternut Squash (we only get pumpkin available at Halloween in the UK, I’m sure supermarkets don’t realise that people *shock, horror* actually eat pumpkins, obviously believing their only use is for carving into Halloween lanterns)….BUT, pumpkin and/or butternut squash I love greatly, awesome as it is in both sweet and savoury dishes.

To which end I made the Pecan Crumb Pumpkin Cake from V’Con…and added in some Chocolate Chips as I just *happened* to have a bag already open that needed using;-)

I also at long last got around to making a Cookies N’ Cream Cake….only made possible to the sheer generosity of JamboxRocks (Vegan HomeMade) who sent me some Newman O cookies.  Now we do get Oreo cookies over here in the UK but they aren’t vegan because they have whey in them….quite why the UK version needs whey when they US version doesn’t is a mystery to me, but hey-ho I made Cookies N’Cream Cake (and also some Cookies N’Cream Icecream) and it made me very happy.

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